A.T. Kearney Study Suggests Pragmatism in Supply-Chain Risk

“Is Your Luck Running Out? Managing Supply Chain Risk in Uncertain Times”, a report from global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, offers some valuable advice on risk mitigation to supply-chain managers.

Kearney Study Suggests Pragmatism in Supply-Chain Risk

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Supply-chain management leaders stand out from the crowd through the delivery of high-impact, highly recognisable strategic business functions. However, their most important function, namely risk management, has dropped down the list of things to do.

The Future Belongs to Those Who Can See It Coming

The A.T Kearney study argues that a huge number of supply chains are one bad-luck situation away from a serious disruption – the kind that could practically end their business. This is often the case because supply chains are built up over time by managers’ reactions to demand and supply as they come. This in itself means the business has taken advantage of luck, but to continue to use this method to ensure a company’s on-going success is foolhardy and inadvisable.

Hoping the Luck Holds Out

In today’s shaky economic and geopolitical environment, every business is looking to capitalise on their luck. However, statistically, not every business can be lucky. The question remains: if the luck runs out, what plans are in place to ensure that the success doesn’t?

Advice from Rapid Ratings

The study, co-written by the research and analytics firm Rapid Ratings, also focuses on what supply firms can do to bad-luck-proof their business. Whether the business supplies Lin Bins to warehouses like https://www.duffydiscount.com/Bin-Rack or ships JCBs to China, identifying, diagnosing and resolving issues in the supply chain is key. An analysis of social media posts from users and customers within global supply chains in 2015 showed where the concerns lie.

IT concerns and changes, sustainability issues, commodities fluctuations and the changes and destabilisation in regulatory environments are all big concerns. And on top of this, climate-change concerns accounted for more than half of all posts.

Managing Latent Risks

A.T Kearney also noted that latent risks – those pesky little issues which aren’t even recognised as issues – pose the greatest threats of all. How do companies mitigate risk when they don’t yet see it as a risk?

Herein lies the problem for many supply-chain leaders and managers. Limited bandwidth and budget mean that growing the business always comes before defending the supply chain.

Food industry product innovation: a call to action

In a recent FoodProcessing.com article, contributing editor John Stanton lamented the lack of innovation in the food and beverage industry. Citing examples of game changers in other industries, such as Airbnb for hospitality and Uber for taxis, Stanton mused that it had been a long time since he had heard about any breakthrough innovation in the food industry.

Food industry product innovation a call to action

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While optimistic about growth in areas such as subscription meal services, Stanton reflected that creativity in the industry may have been stifled by consumers. People like what they are comfortable and familiar with when it comes to food, he wrote, which may have created risk aversion in potential innovators due to an awareness that consumers are mostly suspect of new foods.

Sweeteners continue to get bad press, for example, as do GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods, for which there is no long-term data available on side effects.

Innovation will be driven by changing consumer behaviour and technology

Other industry observers say that technology-driven behaviours such as online shopping will inspire innovation in the sector. The rise of smart shopping tools and wearable technology will have a radical impact on the food supply chain, according to a 2015 Rabobank report. This could affect everyone, from food suppliers and processors to those who buy food machinery from suppliers such as http://www.clarke-fussells.co.uk/.

The Rabobank report – What’s cooking in tomorrow’s kitchen – states that the 21st century consumer is health conscious and uses technology to ensure they meet their health requirements at a price they can afford. Food companies will need to develop products that meet customer demands for health, convenience and sustainability, with developments such as 3D printed food challenging the industry to deliver consistent quality and foods that meet a range of diets and preferences.

New frontiers in food and drink

One way in which food companies can create products that consumers will want to try is by using crowdsourcing models. Julian Coleman, the global business director at eYeka, explained at the New Frontiers in Food and Drink conference in March that crowdsourcing has become the new normal and is a great way to leverage the views of a massive community to inform processing and development. Coleman used the example of Nestle in Australia, which used a crowdsourcing project to reinvent its instant coffee when sales began to drop.

How can Corporations Benefit from Club Flyers?

Companies and businesses are built out of passion. The guys behind them always strive to provide the best experience to their client. They also see to it that they keep improving the quality of the products and services. However, customers are going to be attracted by product quality from a business they haven’t heard of. Therefore, businesses must market their products and gain exposure. Flyers are a good option for this purpose.

The Reasons to Use Club Flyers in Your Business

Flyers are Cheap: Club flyers are not expensive at all. Moreover, when you are printing them if you print them in bulk then you will be able to save a lot of money. When you print it in bulk you will also be able to distribute the flyers out to many people in many different places. This way you will be able to give out more information to the people that you need them to have. It will also help you to cut down on the budget of advertisement.

Flyers Improve Customer Communication: This is an effective means by which you will be able to enhance the communication in between the potential customers and your business. When your flyers are well designed they have comprehensive information about the business. This makes those people who are interested to contact the business staff and enquire about the business. This helps in building up a good relationship between the business personnel and their client.

Flyers Target a Group of People: If your aim to have a customer base that is within particular area then printing flyers through Printing VIP and distributing them in a specific area is very effective. An attractive flyer will give you the opportunity to establish a niche within the business and thereby keep the customers loyal.

What should a Good Quality Flyer have?

  • Flyers must have a catchy and introductory phrase that will be able to grab the attention of the readers. This should as short as possible. When the flyers are full of words then there is a chance of the readers getting bored by it. The ultimate result will be that it will have a negative effect on the business.
  • It is important to mention the contact details and the address, in case the reader feels the need to contact you. It is mandatory to include them in your flyer. No one would like to read a flyer that does not have all these details.
  • Make the flyer attractive by including some attractive pictures. It is should show what you business is all about. When you have an attractive picture it will give your business the attention that it requires.
  • It has accurate information about everything. It is an effective way to begin branding that is essential for any business. You should provide proper logo and brand, so that the client is aware of what they are dealing with.

The information that is provided should be proofread to avoid any kind of mistakes. You also need to make sure that the information that is provided on it is correct or not.

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News For This Month: Signs

Why Is It Good To Hire Sign Makers? Talking about good business means a not so perfect one since nothing really is perfect but a successful one and a part of it is to get to know your customer’s interest, their needs, their wants and to be able to reach whatever need. I ask my self of what really is needed to be able to reach success in business, well good thing I have few answers in line. To be blunt about it, a successful business is the one that gives you not only a “profit” but a good profit which is what every business aims for. Taking chances with a professional and experienced sign maker to design for your growing business is one step closer to success because signages that will best describe you business can definitely give new look and a new face to your business for the customers to ponder. If I would be one of your customer, I’d rather look for a new signage rather than your old and could be rusty business signage, that way I’d be more interested with what your business can offer. Your complacency can bring you to the bottom, you always have to make sure that something new is coming and that you have more to offer rather than showing them limited stuff. One fact that became so relevant to almost all businesses is keeping their prices low to be affordable to maintain in getting more customers, but then some customers don’t mind that much when it comes to the cost but rather focus on the quality of the product. Making your customer stay loyal and come back for another product or service is quite challenging but developing a good relationship from the start could be a big help to get draw their attention to you. You are absolutely right. Positive communication. Good communication caters a lot of positive result, two of those is claiming back your old customer and making new ones get interested on your product and services by yielding a good communication, investigating and focusing on their needs and providing them their needs. One guarantee of making them feel the need of coming back to you is to simply make them feel that you are the best business by providing their needs whatever it is. One person involve and responsible in giving advises to customers about the scalability of the signs are the sign makers. More signage is created during a store opening could be one good idea. Well that’s where real experienced sign makers come in to the picture.3 Businesses Tips from Someone With Experience

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